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  • holi(c) is a topical anti-aging powder that features the highest grade of non-GMO vitamins sourced in Europe to reverse fine lines, smooth, brighten, tighten and even out the complexion.

    Best activated with holi(water), but also pairs with any toner, this antioxidant-packed powder can be used in any topical skincare routine.

    Not only is the active ingredient, organic Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, safe for sensitive and acne prone skin, it also heals scars, treats acne, calms rosacea, and aids in the treatment dark spots left behind by breakouts. Whereas Calcium Ketogluconate has been clinically proven in vivo test to increase elastin synthesis by 40-45%, increase self hyaluronic acid synthesis by 36-92%, lift skin by 27%, and improve skin elasticity by 16%.


    Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate

      1. Highly stable and skin-friendly vitamin C
      2. Fights free radicals
      3. Stimulates collagen synthesis
      4. Brightens skin, lightens hyperpigmentation
      5. Enhances sunscreen’s photo-protective properties
      6. Clinically proven to be very effective against acne-causing bacteria

    Calcium Ketogluconate

      1. French-patented star ingredient with proven in vivo results
      2. Increases elastin synthesis by 40-45%
      3. Increases self hyaluronic acid synthesis by 36-92%
      4. Lifts skin by 27%
      5. Improves skin elasticity by 16%

    Suitable for sensitive skin. Vegan.

    A bottle, used day and night, will last around over 4 months

    For all benefits of sodium ascorbic phosphate and how it works, read: Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate - The Form of Vitamin C You Want in Your Skincare Routine.

  • In the morning and at night, mix a dime size of holi(c) in the palm of your hand with five drops of toner (best mixed with holi(water)), and gently apply it onto clean and dry skin. For best results, use with holi(oil).

  • Calcium Ketogluconate, Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate*