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Co-founded by renowned designer Teo Yang and Korean medicine doctor Dong-Hoon Jang in 2018, EATH Library is a contemporary South Korean clean skincare brand combining natural ingredients based on thousand years of Korean medicine archives and latest skincare technologies. Void of any questionable ingredients, the line aims to restore skin health and awaken beauty from deep within the skin.

Face Reactor™, the core brightening skincare complex found in all EATH library products that is clinically proven by various authorities (including Inha University Bio Active Material Laboratory) to significantly inhibit melanin production, utilizes an advanced delivery system that allows active ingredients, including red ginseng, cornus fruit, asparagus cochinchinensis root and a combination of traditional Korean herbs, to work in synergy and penetrate deep into the dermis (clinically proven to have 52.91% deep tissue penetration, which is 13.2 times more than current best in-market products). Skin is thus visibly brightened with increased transparency, hyperpigmentation and dark spots are lightened, and radiance is restored. Abundant in a wide array of antioxidants, the patented complex also provides strong antioxidant and age-defying actions to revitalize and infuse youthfulness back to the skin.

Whilst, the brand's signature bottle shape and form is inspired by the stacking medicine books found in old Korean library archives.

Since 2020, EATH Library can be found at "The Spa" at Four Seasons Hotel Seoul, allowing spa lovers to experience the brand's exquisite products along with traditional Korean acupressure and modern treatment techniques.