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KLUR is a botanically based collection of high-performance skincare and multi-purpose self-care products developed by Lesley Thornton, LA-based esthetician and skin expert. A harmonious composition of plant botanicals and bioavailable actives serve as the foundation for all of their products that are expertly formulated for optimal performance.

For over a decade Lesley has concentrated on helping others achieve skin wellness through personalized treatments and the creation of products defined by simplicity and usability, prioritizing minimalistic regimens that deliver multiple benefits and long-term results. With expert training and hands-on experience, Lesley was able to document the effects of various ingredients and formulations on diverse skin conditions and ethnicities.

KLUR's passion and focus is the research and development of functional, efficacious products that influence skin in the most positive manner, thus all KLUR products are meticulously crafted utilizing plant-based, nature identical, and clinically proven actives free of parabens, sulfates, fillers, fragrance, and dyes.