Wendy Ouriel began OUMERE while earning her Master's of Science degree in cellular biology. Her research while earning her degree included education in extracellular matrix biology, and this allowed her to become educated in the biological ways in which collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid can be up-regulated, or degraded naturally. Extracellular matrix biology piqued her interest in the biological mechanisms behind anti-aging at the same time that she was experiencing acne and damaged skin. She then began a side project to determine why her skin was sick.

Wendy cured her skin by making her own skin care after extensive research on how to strengthen her skin through proper formulation. She felt the need to make her own skin care because she was jarred by the fact that all skin care either made skin issues worse, or merely treated a symptom. Wendy was determined to find a cure .

The OUMERE brand was born out of the need for a Skin Care Renaissance, for true skin care that has only the most powerful, effective ingredients, and is formulated to bring your skin to health, regardless of your skin's current state. OUMERE's philosophy is one of pure anti-aging and believes that the power of its true anti-aging formulation speaks for itself.