Have you ever considered what products you are applying on the largest organ in our body —— our skin?

As they say, health is wealth. Spending years of using badly formulated skincare products that are filled with mediocre ingredients, or worse, harmful ingredients, is like eating years of junk food daily. In fact, some of these ingredients may irritate the skin and cause sensitivity and premature aging, and in the worst case scenario, they may also potentially affect our health. However, with so much information out there, and ads filled with unrealistic and sometimes blatantly false claims, it is difficult to distinguish between what is good and bad for the skin.

Here at Ambrosia, we curate the best clean beauty products from around the globe —— exquisite and innovative formulations that combine nature’s most powerful ingredients sourced ethically and sustainably with advanced cosmetic science and technology, to deliver visible results and efficacy without harmful, questionable or GMO ingredients that compromise our skin and bodies’ integrity. Skin is thus truly protected, restored and rejuvenated.

All products on Ambrosia’s shelves are tried and tested by every member of our team of different gender, age and skin types over an extended period of time, to ensure we deliver the best and diversed skincare options with proven efficacy to address your individual skin concerns.

We also dedicate ourselves in cutting through all marketing noise, gimmick and myths, to empower you with true skincare knowledge based on science, so that each and every single one of you can make the best decision for your skin. 

Discover with us the wonders of sublime creations powered by nature and science, and let us guide you through the building of your own skincare ritual to reveal the most radiant skin.

For you, with love.

*Ambrosia is the authorized retailer of all the brands we carry.