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  • As one of the exclusive fragrances used in Ambrosia's packaging, EATH Library Subtle Reader Room Fragrance draws its unique inspiration from ancient Chosun scholars immersed in their studies and the scent of ink emitted from books of that era, echoing the brand name and iconic bottle design that were inspired by the Chosun library archives and stacks of traditional medical literature.

    Capturing the essences of Eastern landscapes and nature, Subtle Reader opens up with fresh notes of apple and lemon, then gradually unfolds into a distinctive, captivating, soul-soothing aroma of the brand's proprietary blend of fragrances and herbs, and finally, concludes with the rich and elegant notes of musk, vanilla, and amber.

    Suitable for use in any kind of spaces, as well as on fabrics such as clothing, bedding, and curtains, this spray type room fragrance fills up all the blank spaces, and instantly creates a harmonious and warm atmosphere, offering a multi-layered sensory experience for daily life.

    Scent Profile
    1. Top Note - Apple, Lemon
    2. Middle Note - Proprietary Blend of Incenses, Herbs
    3. Base Note - Musk, Vanilla, Amber

  • Spray approximately 3 times in any desired space. If using on fabrics such as clothing, bedding, or curtains, please spray from a distance of about 30cm. Not suitable for use as a perfume on skin.