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Common Face Cleansing Mistakes Everyone Makes | Ambrosia | Hong Kong

Common Face Cleansing Mistakes Everyone Makes

June 17, 2020

Face cleansing may seem like a simple daily ritual, however this is the step where many people get wrong. In fact, acne, dryness, patchiness and sensitivities could be a result of not cleansing properly. 


1. Using Harsh Cleansers

This is especially common for oily or acne-prone skin, as well as everyone during summer, since the natural response is to wash away that oily feeling on the face. Yet, by stripping the skin of its natural oil with harsh and drying ingredients, such as a foaming cleanser, not only will the skin struggle to balance its water/oil protective structure, and as a result, produce excess oil that will clog the pores causing congestion and breakouts, the skin's lipid barrier may also be damaged, leading to irritations, inflammations and acne. In fact, when you feel that your face is super clean, you have very likely already damaged the lipid barrier. On top of that, drying out the skin will also lead to fine lines, wrinkles and pre-mature aging.

What To Do: Use a gentle, non-foaming, non-stripping cleanser morning and night, and avoid anything that contains sodium lauryl sulfate or ammonium laureth sulfate. 

Marie Reynolds London Goji Mallow Cleanse™ | Ambrosia | Hong Kong

Goji Mallow Cleanse™  <- Click to shop

A hydrating and nourishing cleanser with a marshmallow-like texture. Enriched with a natural super antioxidant blend of Goji Berries, Açaí Berries and Oat Silk, as well as nourishing oils like Frankincense, Avocado and Plum, it locks in moisture, provides essential nutrients, reduces inflammation and increases elasticity of the skin, all the while providing a gentle cleansing action.


2. Using Scrub Cleansers

By exfoliating properly, dead skin cells are removed from the skin surface, and thus can uncover the healthy layer of skin underneath, leaving the skin looking youthful and dewy. Products will also be able to penetrate deeply into the skin and work better in general. However, physical scrub in cleansers, think ingredients like beads, shells, salt grains and sugar, can easily irritate the skin, as well as cause micro-tears in the skin, leading to acne, dryness, or worse, permanent damages.

What To Do: Use products that contain enzymes, AHAs, BHAs or PHAs instead for exfoliation. Not only can they provide exfoliation benefits, over time, they also stimulate collagen production, reduce wrinkles, firm and smooth the skin and even out skin tone. 

La Bella Figura Gentle Enzyme Cleanser | Ambrosia | Hong Kong

Gentle Enzyme Cleanser <- Click to shop

With pineapple, papaya and pumpkin enzymes, which are gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin, it gently exfoliates and improves enlarged pores, blemishes and dullness. Whilst, ingredients such as Damascus Rose Hydrosol, Marshmallow Root and Reishi help to balance skin, promote skin cell regeneration and collagen synthesis, fight free radicals, as well as hydrate and brighten.

OUMERE No. 9 Daily Chemical Exfoliant | Ambrosia | Hong Kong

No. 9 Exfoliant  <- Click to shop

Contains natural effective yet gentle AHAs, BHAs and PHAs, together with Goldenseal, Licorice Root, Mulberry, and Aloe Leaf Juice, etc., it removes dead skin cells, unclogs pores and prevents acne, while providing anti-inflammatory and antibacterial actions.


3. Cleansing Only Once At Night

Think about what you put on during the day - serums, moisturisers and sunscreens. Even if you don’t put on makeup, you really should be double cleansing, as the first round would simply be washing off all the products, daily grime and pollution from city air that are sitting on top of the skin.

What To Do: In the morning, use lukewarm water to gently wash off the skincare products from the previous night, pat the skin dry, then use a gentle cleanser to gentle cleanse the skin. At night, once you’ve rinsed your first cleanser away, even if you didn’t put on makeup, go in for a second round so that the ingredients can really reach the skin and cleanse it properly.

KLUR Gentle Matter Daily Moisture Cleanser | Ambrosia | Hong Kong

Gentle Matter Daily Moisture Cleanser  <- Click to shop

Fortified with anti-inflammatory Gotu Kola, detoxifying and anti-acne Dandelion, enzymatic Papaya, antioxidant powerhouse Green Tea and White Tea, soothing Calendula, Gingko and Irish Moss etc., the ultra-hydrating formula delicately cleanses and lifts impurities while maintaining moisture levels.


4. Rubbing Too Vigorously or Too Little

Using the right product is important, but technique matters too. Rubbing and rinsing too quickly does not allow the ingredients to properly cleanse the skin. Whilst, rubbing the skin vigorously morning and night every single day may end up causing wrinkles.

What To Do: Dot 3 dots of cleanser onto your forehead, nose, left cheek, right cheek, and jaw respectively to ensure even distribution of product. Then gently massage for at least 60 seconds in circular motions before rinsing. For cleansers that contain enzymes, leave it on for another 2 or 3 minutes before rinsing to let the ingredients work fully.

Twelve Beauty Purifying Cleansing Beauty Cream | Ambrosia | Hong Kong

Purifying Cleansing Beauty Cream  <- Click to shop

This mild yet effective creamy milk formula contains a high dose of squalane, as well as prized organic botanicals, including Mallow, Butterfly Bush, White Genepì and Masterwort, to renew and repair the skin, fight free radicals, soothe inflammations and remove impurities simultaneously, leaving the skin revitalized, super soft and hydrated.


5. Using Water Too Hot Or Too Cold

We have said it many times, and we will say it again——hot water does not open pores and cold water cannot close or tighten them either. In fact, not only will hot water cause dehydration, switching from hot to cold water will also put skin into shock, causing sensitivities.

What To Do: Use lukewarm water to cleanse and help loosen dirt and sebum without stripping the skin.


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