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Ingredient Spotlight: Reishi | Ambrosia | Hong Kong

Ingredients Spotlight: Reishi

August 12, 2020

For centuries, Reishi mushrooms have been used in Asia medicinally for its health benefits, including boosting the immune system, reducing infection, improving cholesterol and fighting cancer (when used with standard cancer treatments). But does it actually benefit the skin when used topically as a skincare ingredient?

The answer is yes. Studies have shown that applying Reishi does hugely benefit skin’s health, in terms of increased immune function, reduced inflammation, protection against UV-induced cellular damage, detoxification, and regulation of genes important for cellular aging.


Prevents Premature Aging

Reishi is abundant in Ergothioneine and reduced Glutathione. Considered two of the most powerful antioxidants in the skin, and together with antioxidant-rich adaptogens, triterpenes, and phenols, they enhance sun protection, and fight free radicals whilst preventing their formation. Whilst, Vitamin D, which can be found in significant amount in Reishi, can affect the telomeres in our DNA, and slow collagen glycation process.

Reishi has also be shown to inhibit the enzyme elastase, thereby preserving elastin and structural support of the skin.

This means Reishi can work at the skin’s cellular level to prevent wrinkles, loss of elasticity, stiffness, dullness, etc., essentially slowing down aging of the skin.

La Bella Figura Vitamin D & Ergothioneine Deep Serum | Ambrosia | Hong Kong

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Features Reishi, Shiitake Mushrooms and Black Truffle that are rich in vitamin D and super amino acid Ergothioneine, as well as other superior cell reparative ingredients such as Ferulic Acid, Organic Barbary Fig Seed Oil, Seabuckthorn Oil, Aronia Berry and Gotu Kola, etc., the serum stimulates cell regeneration and collagen production, reduces wrinkles, repairs cell damages, calms inflammations and acne, whilst preventing and reversing oxidation.



 Soothes Redness & Irritation

Inflammation reaction in the skin can lead to redness, irritations, and even aging. Rich in immune boosting adaptogens and beta-glucan, which work by stimulating the macrophages and stimulate other immune cells to attack pathogens, Reishi helps fight virus and pathogens that pass through the skin barrier. At the same time, the Vitamin D in Reishi, shown to be more effective than Vitamin E, reduces lipid peroxidation and inflammation.

For this reason, it is particularly good for people with compromised skin barriers like eczema, rosacea or dermatitis, as well as dry, irritated skin.


Serum Bioluminelle™  <- Click to shop

Combining precious water-soluble and oil-soluble organic botanical ingredients including vitamin D-rich Reishi, as well as Carrot Seed Oil, Prickly Pear Seed Oil, Black Seed Oil, Ursolic Acid, Beta Glucan, Elastin Protein, Ginseng, and Turmeric extracts, the bi-phase formula targets skin cells to promote collagen and elastin synthesis, regenerate and balance skin, soothe and reduce acne, remove toxins, minimize scarring, and reduce hyperpigmentation and inflammations.



Hydrates Intensely

As we mentioned above, Reishi is rich in beta-glucan. Being a unique sugar molecule, it acts as a humectant to draw water to the skin. In fact, tests have shown beta-glucan at the same concentration is 20% more hydrating than hyaluronic acid, which we know can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water.

On the other hand, Polysaccharides and Cerebrosides, which are responsible for the skin’s natural ability to hydrate, retain water, repair and renew, can be found in significant amount in Reishi. Not only can they increase skin hydration, they can also plump skin to decrease fine line, as well as repair and reinforce the ceramides in the moisture barrier.

In short, Reishi is ultra hydrating and plumping!

KLUR Immersion Serum Concentrate | Ambrosia | Hong Kong

Immersion Serum Concentrate 
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Besides having a wide range of ultra hydrating ingredients, including Reishi and beta-glucan, the serum is also packed with 3 forms of Peptides to stimulate collagen synthesis and micro-circulation, improve skin barrier and hydration, reduce wrinkles and inflammation, regenerate collagen fibers, and rejuvenate skin. Whilst, Niacinamide, Gotu Kola, White Tea and Chamomile etc. are added to brighten, fight free radicals, hydrate and soothe.



Reduces Hyperpigmentation 

Studies have demonstrated when used in extract form, Reishi are capable in reducing melanin content and inhibiting the melanin-producing enzyme tyrosinase in the skin, and are therefore great in reducing skin hyperpigmentation, acne marks and discoloration.

With high levels of terpenes, Reishi also helps promote skin renewal and rejuvenation. This means old, dead melanin cells can be shredded faster from our strata corneum, thereby evening out skin tone and brightening skin.

La Bella Figura Gentle Enzyme Cleanser | Ambrosia | Hong Kong

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With pineapple, papaya and pumpkin enzymes, which are gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin, it gently exfoliates and improves enlarged pores, blemishes and dullness. Whilst, ingredients such as including Reishi, Damascus Rose and Lavender Hydrosol, Carrot Seed Oil, Marshmallow Root, and Aloe Vera help to balance skin, promote skin cell regeneration and collagen synthesis, fight free radicals, enhance skin's defense system, as well as hydrate and brighten.


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